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Clinical governance pillars

The Western Australian Clinical Governance Framework, is comprised of four pillars:

  • Consumer value
  • Clinical performance evaluation
  • Clinical risk
  • Professional development and management

Consumer value

Consumer value encourages clinical services to involve their communities in maintaining and improving current performance and in planning for the organisation’s future.

The consumer value pillar comprises:

Clinical performance and evaluation

Clinical performance and evaluation focuses on the introduction, use, monitoring and evaluation of evidence based clinical standards, to build a culture where clinical audit is commonplace and expected in every clinical service.

The clinical performance and evaluation pillar comprises:

Clinical risk

The clinical risk pillar focuses on minimising risk and improving overall clinical safety. Potential risks are identified and limited and adverse events are examined for causative factors, particularly for trends within and across services. Wherever possible, preventative lessons are shared across the hospital.

The clinical risk pillar comprises:

Professional development and management

Professional development and management supports and documents clinical development and the maintenance of professional standards. It encompasses the control and monitoring of clinical innovation and ensures new procedures are only introduced where they are regularly audited and reviewed in the same way research activities presently are.

The professional development and management pillar comprises: